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The flagship "band" of the label.  The first album was released in 1998 on  While it was stylistically, very inconsistent, Midiboy's sound became a style he likes to call Rocktronica.  Since then, Midiboy has released six albums, 4 of which are currently available.  Their first major release, "Stating The Obvious" which included a 16 page book, is still considered to be a favorite album by the fans as it is deeply personal and relatable.  Though it wasn't intended to be at first, as the album was being written, they realized it started to mirror Gregg's personal life story, so they started writing it along those lines and made it a concept album.  The booklet represents a fictional journal kept by the protagonist of the story.  While the album has some dark moments, it ends with hope in Jesus Christ.  Because of the darker tones of the album, Midiboy wanted to release the next album on a more positive note.  

"Synthpops", releases in 2002.  This album, also considered a fan favorite had 6 songs reach top 10 charts on various Indie radio charts, with their most iconic song,  "I'm A Pop Star" staying on the charts for 10 weeks.  

"Rejuvenate" came next, which, while not a concept album, was themed after mercy and grace, with every song touching on an aspect of God's mercy and grace.

"Re:Boot" came next and is the first album Gregg wrote almost entirely on his own, as Joe had to step down when he joined the  military,   While not being as popular as the previous albums, it had some very strong song writing on it, featuring the songs, "You Hate Me", "Thief Of Hearts",  "My Children", and "Restore Me".  It also featured several cover songs with "Double Life" by Styx, and "The Wall" by Kansas.

"Fluffy: Stating The Obvious, Too" is  the official follow-up to "Stating The Obvious"  and is available on Amazon. It continues the story from the antagonist's son's point of view.  It also has several cover songs as well: "Cars" by Gary Nueman, "Sound Of Silence" by Paul Simon and "Save" by Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots. 

"Revitalized" is a total rework of their first album, "Midi Life Crisis."

"Reimagined"   features  15 reimagined songs .  5 each from Synthpops, Rejuvenate and RE:boot, plus one brand new song.   You can stream or purchase it here: and on Midiboy's Bandcamp page. 

"Restating The Obvious" is a complete redo of "Stating The Obvious"  giving it a much more modern hybrid rock sound.  It includes  all of the vocal songs,  plus some new songs.  The instrumental songs on the original album were cut because they never really fit with the rest of the album.

At this time, "Synthops" "Stating The Obvious Remastered", "Revitalized" and "Reimagined" are  available on their Bandcamp  page.   He plans on releasing the entire Midiboy catalog there, so keep watching. 


one:nine got it's name from 1 John 1:9 and features a more  (mostly) organic rock sound.  

"North Flew South For The Winter"  was 10 years in the making and features many guest singers, musicians and writers as well as a DVD with lyrics videos for several songs on the album.   It is available on Amazon as well as digitally from your favorite digital music stores.

"Peace Of My Mind" will the newest album (Due out sometime in late Spring).  It also comes with a slightly renamed band name of "the one nine project."  I decided to rename the band for online search reasons, and just because I thinkit sounded cooler.  This album will feature guest singers and a cover of a very famous Michael W. Smith song.  (No, not Friends). 

The Impossible Nothing

Also with one recording release so far, "The Impossible Nothing" is more of a hybrid hard rock / electronic sound. The album, called "Rock Beats Giant" features some of the most aggressive songs Gregg has ever written.  Released digitally only,  it features heavy hitting songs with deep theological meaning.  It also features of a cover song called "We Need God" that a band he used to play in wrote together as well as two Midiboy cover songs from "Stating The Obvious"  ("Realization" and "Longing") both done in the style of "The Impossible Nothing."  It can be purchased on Amazon

Gregg Hart

The music that Gregg releases under his own name is instrumental music.  He has scored several local television commercials, as well as several indie films and was working on a television pilot as well, that is, unfortunately, on hiatus.   

"When Words Fail" is his first instrumental album and features several songs that were used in various indie films as well as a series of 4 songs sprinkled throughout the album based on the book "Thr3e" by Ted Dekker.    This album is available on Amazon as well as iTunes, and everywhere digital music is sold. 

"Peaceful Moments" was written on special request from Gregg's wife, who wanted some spa / relaxing music.   Utilizing many sounds of nature, this is a very peaceful, relaxing album and is actually used in  a local spa, whose clients love the music. 

"Intricately Woven" is a two disc Epic album that Gregg wrote in response to COVID 19.   The first disc is based on Psalm 119 and tends to be a bit more relaxing, while the second disc focuses on creation and creativity and tends to be more upbeat.   Fans of Mannheim Steamroller, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and David Gilmore are sure to find this album to be a perfect fit for their music library.   This album can be found on Amazon, iTunes, and everywhere digital music is sold.  The Physical CD as well as a digital download can also be purchased from my Bandcamp page. 

"Reflections - A Story With No Words"   The album contains 12 songs and is almost 61 minutes long.  While this album is considered a quiet music album, it's not your standard new age album that has no melody or hooks.  Each song flows into the next as a continuous mix that tells a story that you can write in your own imagination.   This album can be found everywhere digital music is sold, including Bandcamp, where you can also buy the CD.

"Home Is Where My Heart Is" is the latest release by Gregg Hart and features 15 songs in a mostly continuous mix.  This album features a variety of genres like jazz, rock, Middle Eastern and orchestration that still somehow manage to work together as one cohesive project.   

My instrumental music can also be found on my Bandcamp page.  Follow me on Bandcamp