Here are some sites that I like that you might like as well.  If you have a website and would like me to link you, drop me an email  Once I review your site and determine it is one I can link to, I'll post it below.  If at all possible, I'd love it if you linked me back. 

Midiblog 2.0   -  My latest blog site. 

Bandcamp  - Gregg Hart

Bandcamp - Midiboy

Soundcloud - My Soundcloud page. 

Presonus  -  The website of the studio software I use.

Sweetwater - The best store to buy gear from.  Need I say more? 

Native Instruments - A great place to get some virtual synths and effects.  I use a lot of their stuff

Waves - The best site for studio effects. 

Surreal  -  A great pop progressive band.  Love these guys.  

New Release Today - A site that tracks new and upcoming releases in Christian music. 

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