Welcome to Midiboy Music

Midiboy Music is a private, independent label started in 1998 by Gregg Hart, aka Midiboy. He, along with his friend Joe, aka Whitejacket, released the first Midiboy album called "Midi Life Crisis" on MP3.com before CBS took ownership of the site. The label has released 12 albums under various names since then.


"Intricately Woven" is officially released now everywhere you can buy digital music. Bandcamp is the least expensive for you, and is actually great for me as well, as they take less cut than anyone else.

Gregg Hart getting ready to release new album, "Intricately Woven" on Sept 11th. Preorders available now:

Bandcamp (Released on Sept 10th)
iTunes (Access through the iTunes app)

Added "About" , "Music", "Links" and "Contact" pages to website. See upper right corner for links.

Midiboy Music opens brand new website.