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Midiboy Music is a private"label" * that I attached to my various musical projects, starting in 1998 by Gregg Hart, aka Midiboy.  He, along with his friend Joe, aka Whitejacket, released the first Midiboy album called "Midi Life Crisis" on MP3.com before CBS took ownership of the site.   Midiboy Music has released 12 albums under various names since then.  (Click on Music for more info)

* We are a private label only.  We do not accept demos of any kind, and cannot sign artists. 


The Kickstarter campaign for the new instrumental album by Gregg Hart called "Home Is Where My Heart Is" succeeded.  The goal for release is  February 24, 2023. 

It is now available for streaming and purchase everywhere digital music is available. (Click this link for a page to show all the major places you can stream or purchase this album).  It is also available for purchase in physical and digital form from https://gregghart.bandcamp.  Watch the trailer below:

The 2019 self-released album, "Peaceful Moments" was released officially and is now available for purchase wherever digital music is available.  It's also still on my Bandcamp site and available for physical CD-r purchase as well.  Note that due to streaming rules on Amazon and Apple Music, the streaming version only has 8 songs, while the purchase version has 9.  (They will not stream songs over 10 min long)  Here is a link to all the popular sites.

"Reflections - A Story With No Words" is officially released world-wide.  Here is a link to the most popular online streaming and purchase locations. 

Early release of "Reflections - A Story With No Words" exclusively on Bandcamp.  Official release date is October 29, 2021 on all other digital music platforms.   

New instrumental album, "Reflections - A Story With No Words" is almost complete!  I hope to release it in October.   If you are looking for quiet music that is not boring new age music with no melodies or hooks, this will be an album for you to check out!  Perfect to relax to, go to sleep to, or enjoy a spa day with.  The album is almost 61 minutes long with 12 songs that flow as one continuous mix that tells a story that YOU can create in your own imagination. 

Reimagined is released and is available for streaming or purchase on your favorite digital music platform.  You can also get the physical CD on my Bandcamp page.  https://midiboy.bandcamp.com. As a side note: Bandcamp is the best place to support many of your favorite artists, including Midiboy as they take far less of the sale to cover their cost than any other retailer.  Most digital retailers take 40+% of the sale. Bandcamp takes 15%. 

Look like we are on track for a July 2nd release date for "Reimagined!"  

Added lyrics page.

Midiboy's Kickstarter campaign for "Reimagined" funds!   Album is nearly finished and I hope to have it released by August...or sooner!  

Reviews for "Intricately Woven" are starting to come in.   Here are some snippets:

"There's no way I can convey the emotional impact it had on me. It's perfect for quiet times with God, writing, or just relaxing. The heart of what went into this album will leak into your ears and into your heart if you allow it." - JB

"I definitely recommend giving it a listen as well as purchasing it if it fits into your style of listening. Well done on this release" - GB

"Intricately Woven" is officially released now everywhere you can buy digital music.   Bandcamp is the least expensive for you, and is actually great for me as well, as they take less cut than anyone else. 

Added "About" ,  "Music", "Links"  and "Contact" pages to website.  See upper right corner for links. 

Midiboy Music opens brand new website.