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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Isn't Synthpops Available For Purchase?
A: Simply, I ran out, and the company that held the master lost it. The album is very popular and had a number of singles off of it. I just re-released the album as a digital only album and included several tracks recorded in the sessions for the album but never released. Best of all, it's FREE!  You can download it exclusively at Flaming Fish

Q: When will one:nine release?
A: When it's done. :)  I have been working with a vocalist on that album and his work schedule has changed.  I am also looking to work with a few other musicians and vocalists as well. 

Q: I see that RE:boot has "Thief Of Hearts" and "Back In The Box" on it. I thought they were one:nine songs?
A: I had originally recorded them to be one:nine songs, but they didn't quite fit the feel of the other songs on that album and I decided they were really Midiboy songs instead. "Back In The Box" has been one of my most popular songs ever, so I reworked it a little and included it on RE:boot

Q: You included the song "The Wall" by Kansas on RE;boot, but you have guitar and a guest vocalist on it.  Why did you pick that song, and who are the other players?
A: As you may know, RE:boot was fully funded by a Kickstarter campaign. I included a $500 tier thinking nobody would actually pick that one, and made it so that if someone did pick it, they would get to pick a cover song of their choice and be the executive producer of the album. To my suprise, someone did pick it, and thought it would be fun to include a prog rock song on it.  He also asked if he could play guitar on it. After hearing a sample of his playing, I agreed that it would be fun.  Originally, we were going to do a Dream Theater song, but it just didn't work out because we both decided that the musicians in Dream Theater are not human and have an additional set of fingers us mere humans do not have. After he heard a few tracks from RE:boot and learned the theme of the album, he thought "The Wall" would be a great fit, and I agreed.  The song was written by Kerry Livgren during the time of his life as he was making a decision to become a Christian and the lyrics are quite deep and describe the decision in a beautiful way that fit the album perfectly.

The singer on the album is also featured on the upcoming one:nine project, and his vocal range was far better than mine for this song.  Since the song is Kerry's "transition" song, I thought it would be fun to make it a transition song for Midiboy to one:nine and introduce a song that sort of was a hybrid between the two.  So, to Tom and Taylor, thank you so much for helping me record one of the most technical songs I have ever been a part of, and making it sound SO good.